Fashion in Finland

Fashion in Finland has an aesthetic, unlike any other area in the world. Residents make their style their own, with bright colors and warm fabrics, in order to combat the, typical, months of cold and darkness. Their clothing, also, focuses on the importance of handmade and high quality prints, which look both old and new, at the same time. Finnish fashion is relatively young, as factories were not established, in the countries, until the nineteenth century. For a long time, they, merely, created tricot and knitted materials.


Marimekko is one of the staples, in Finnish fashion. One of their most monumental pieces was the Unikko, which contained large 70s style, floral and retro prints. Some other Marimekko classics include the Tasaraita, or even striped tshirts, and the Jokapoika, or unisex shirts. Marimekko can be found in over 20 countries worldwide, and has over 800 retailers.

Nanso and Paola Suhonen

Nanso, currently, means quality and comfort, for a good value. Paola Suhonen began designing for Nanso, in order to make pieces that appeal more to the youth of Finland. They created the Lempivaate collection, which got attention from the fashionforward, younger crowd. Its pieces are for everyday wear, and feature original prints.


Finnish fashion is popular, because it combines fashionforward and traditional designs, to appeal to a variety of demographics. They are completely unique, and surpass other fashion trends. Clothing companies, in Finland, also produce pieces in an ethical and sustainable manner, so they provide the least amount of impact on the environment, as possible. Young and innovative designers are, also, pushing the Finnish fashion trends forward, making designs appealing to the younger generation.